Head of Engineering

Deno makes programming fun. We make it possible to use JavaScript outside of the browser to build all types of software. The free and open source Deno runtime is one of the most popular projects on Github. Our earlier Node.js runtime is used by almost every website. As a business we are building the next generation of serverless technology, a JavaScript runtime for the cloud. Try it out — you ought to be able to deploy a server world-wide in less than 5 minutes that will be persisted forever and can handle arbitrary load.

About the Position

In this position, the Head of Engineering will manage the day-to-day activities of the engineering team, as well as the management and execution of software development projects against delivery commitments and project plans. The Head of Engineering will also be in charge of the management of the department’s staffing, resources, and mentoring, and maintaining a best-in-class engineering team. They will provide technical guidance and direction, as well as hands-on resources and project management, for all software development activities.

The ideal candidate will have a profound understanding of new and relevant technologies, and will ensure the optimal application of engineering resources in order to meet product development and consumer requirements


  • Oversee all software development teams and their respective projects.
  • Monitor reliability and performance of all Deno systems to suggest improvements.
  • Design strategies for future development projects based on the company’s objectives and resources.
  • Provide expert advice around the engineering/product roadmap, R&D focus areas, trade-off decisions, program risks.
  • Assess current competitor offerings, seeking opportunities for differentiation.
  • Manage engineering hiring plan and play a key role in recruiting, onboarding and talent management.
  • Scale the engineering team and hire effectively for expansion.
  • Of course all the other things that we know you're already good at.


  • A successful track record of managing and growing an engineering organization.
  • Extensive experience with cloud technologies (GCP, AWS, Terraform, Grafana) and system software (non-blocking servers, Rust). Close familiarity with the JavaScript ecosystem.
  • Comfortable communicating and taking responsibility for all engineering decisions and projects.
  • Experience in start-ups and growth level companies - thrives in a collaborative and constantly evolving environment.
  • Proven leadership abilities with a strategic mindset and superb communication skills.
  • Bachelor of Engineering or Computer Science or relevant field preferred.